Our new 24/7 training facility is open at 345 - 10th Street!  Please contact us for membership information or training appointments!

 Athlete Training Outperforme began training local athletes in 2004, and our athletes have repeatedly proven that effective training produces results and prevents injury.  Our reputation is based on the success of our clients, and we have watched our athletes achieve a great deal of success!  Outperforme is represented in all levels and areas of sport.  Our clients include professional athletes, (NHL and European Hockey Players), Canadian National Team Members in various sports, University (CIS) and College athletes, Provincial level athletes, and also those who are striving for excellence in school sports and various other leagues or competitions.  

General Training Functional training is not only for elite athletes - it is for everyone!  In recent years, we have developed programs to meet the needs of individuals who are not involved in competitive sport, but recognize the value of training with purpose & intensity.  We design work outs that are made for you, and you can expect results!

The PAR-Q (Short for the Phyical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) must be completed prior to training.  The link below will take you to the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiologists Website, where you can download and complete the PAR-Q that is appropriate for you.  

Par-Q and You (standard pre-exercise screening questionnaire)

Par-Q+ (More in depth for individuals with current or previous medical conditions)

Par-Med-X for Pregnancy 

Physician's Clearance (required only in some circumstances)


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