Thank you for helping us create a safe place for you to train!

Please follow ALL public health guidelines and help us adapt as we continue to reopen new areas and training times!

What to do BEFORE you come to our facility:

1. Please review Manitoba's Self-Assessment Tool prior to coming to our facility or training in your SAQ groups.  If you have any symptoms, please call Public Health at 1-888-315-9257

2. Book a training appointment with your coach OR if you are a gym member and planning to come in to work out on your own, schedule a time when you plan to be in the facility through your OPA self service account.  On the left side, click "book sessions" and be sure you are in the month view.  If you have any difficulties with the self service site, let us know and we can help you get booked into the time slots you need.  If you don't remember your log in information, you can retrieve it by clicking the "having trouble" button on the self service log in page where you can retrieve your user name and reset your password.  If you have any difficulties,  please email   

3. Members must swipe their key fob on the way in AND the way out in order for us to allow extended entry hours.  


What to do WHEN YOU ARRIVE at our facility:

1. Leave as much as possible in your car; public health recommendations are for people to avoid using change rooms if possible, so come dressed ready to train, and bring in only what you absolutely need (indoor shoes, keys, water bottle). 

2. Be patient and practice social distancing (2m or 6 feet apart) if more than one person is trying to enter the building at a time.  NOTE: if you have a key card, it will work and you can come directly in.  If you do not have a membership/key card, your coach will meet you at the door and let you in at the time of your appointment.  You can send your coach a text message when you arrive, but be patient as they might be with another client.  

3. Sanitize your hands as soon as you come into the facility (hand sanitizer located at the gym entrance & throughout the facility).

4. Take your outdoor shoes/keys to the exit point (located where the air bikes used to be).  You will be exiting the building from here to minimize congestion in our front entry.   NOTE:  please swipe your key fob after exiting as well - we know this will require a few more steps...but it is critical for us to be able to monitor number of people in the facility and to comply with public health orders.

5. Get started on your work out!  It feels so good to be back!

What to do WHILE YOU ARE IN our facility:

1. Wipe down everything that you touch, even if it feels like you are being obsessive!  The cleaner the facility is, the better our chances of staying healthy!   Also consider that lying directly on the floor is much less hygienic than using a mat; when you are  stretching or doing an exercise that requires you to be on the floor, please use a mat.

2. Maintain social distancing of 6 feet or 2m as much as possible. 

3. Do not use the water fountain; if you need to refill your water bottle, public health requirements state that you wipe the refill station before AND after you have used it.

4. Do not linger in the facility.  This is going to be a challenge for all of our OPA family members - one of the best parts about our facility is the great people that we train with.   However, at this time, we request that you step outside and chat with one another outdoors while social distancing (watch for cars!)

5. Remind one another to be diligent in all of the above, and don't be offended if you also get reminded once in a while.  These are new behaviours for most of us.

6. Masks and personal protective equipment are to be used at the discretion of each individual; there is no specific public health mandate provided for our facility.  Please feel free to use our hand sanitizer as needed throughout your work out; there will be some available in all areas of the facility.

7. If there's a sign saying something is closed or access is restricted....we probably have done this at the urging of public health.   If it's closed....don't enter!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't know / remember my log in information for self service.  

A: Email or talk to your strength coach; they can send you a new link. 

Q: I need to work out at a time when the gym does not appear to be open.  What should I do?

A: We have recently been instructed by public health that we can increase our hours, however we are currently beginning from 6am to midnight. If your schedule requires you to be in the facility when we are not open, please speak with your OPA coach; we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.  If it is possible for you to work out within the allotted times , we would greatly appreciate it. 

Q: Are the showers open?

A:  We have been instructed to "strongly discourage" the use of the showers, but if it is critical for you to use them, please follow public health recommendations which state that the person using the shower should wipe them down immediately after, including taps afterward.  Cleaning supplies are available in all showers.  

Q: I've noticed that some of the equipment that I use all of the time isn't in the gym right now.   Where is it?

A: Public Health has requested that we remove some items that increase the risk of transmission due to high levels of contact, or difficulty fully cleaning the surfaces, such as foam rollers and self massage items.  We will reintroduce these items once we are given permission to do so.   We apologize for the inconvenience, but want to do whatever is needed to keep you healthy right now.  

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