Hockey Training At Outperforme

In-Season & Off-Season Strength & Conditioning

  • Group and Individual Training available
  • Maintaining and making  gains during the season allows for more optimal performance later in the season, lower risk of injury as well as allowing greater opportunity to make gains during the next off season!  
  • Off-season is a critical time for hockey players to enhance their strength & fitness

On Ice Training (done during June/July/August)

  • On ice training assists in the transfer of skills learned in the gym and in SAQ sessions  directly onto the ice
  • Our unique delivery coordinates all of your training to optimize effectiveness in all of your work outs, whether on the ice, in the gym or in our SAQ sessions.  This allows for improvements in skating technique and speed and prevents over training.

$440 + GST for 11 sessions

$731+ GST for all 17 sessions;

$430 + GST for once per week (10 sessions)