Outperforme has a long standing history with Dynamic Physiotherapy.  Prior to both businesses expanding, Dynamic and Outperforme shared gym space.  Although we weren't able to continue to share one location, that hasn't changed our opinion that Dynamic's therapists are excellent and will do everything possible to help you see a successful and complete rehab from injury.   Both Physiotherapy and Massage therapy are available at Dynamic.
Why do we recommend & sell Biosteel products?  The answer is simple - the products are safe for our athletes and effective.  Biosteel has both NSF and Informed Choice approval, plus it has third party research that backs its product.  Did we mention that Biosteel is also a Canadian company?  We like that as well.
We highly value the NSCA's certifications for our coaches.  In addition to providing internationally recognized certifications, the NSCA is an incredible resource for research materials relating to everything strength and conditioning.  At Outperforme, we believe that research should guide our training programs, so it is no surprise that the NSCA is an organization that we choose to be affiliated with.
Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba - we are service providers for Nationally and provincially ranked athletes.