I have been training at Outperforme since I was 16 years old. I was a young kid hoping to make it to the next level Of hockey and was looking for a way to get an edge on my peers. With little knowledge of how to train properly and pressure from coaches to get bigger, faster, and stronger, I knew I had to find someone I could trust to make me the best athlete I could be, so  I started training with Bobbi Schram and Outperforme.  I started while playing midget hockey and have been with them throughout my WHL career and now currently my NHL career. General Managers and coaches at every level demand that their athletes be in the best physical shape possible.  My NHL trainers have trust in Outperfome and have allowed me to continue with Outperforme's programs instead of their own throughout my professional career. Most improvements in your physical ability come from your commitment to training but without a well structured program and a watchful eye you can be steered in the wrong direction. Bobbi Schram and Outperforme has not only made me a better athlete, but a better person  throughout our tenure. I have tremendous respect for Outperforme Athletics and if you're looking to get to the next level I can guarantee they won't let you down. 
-Matt Calvert
Colorado Avalanche

I started when I was really young with a program that I could do at home and I really liked it, so I continued to work out at Outperforme and I'm really happy with how I've developed.  I like working out regularly with Bobbi.  She always finds something to work on and touches on areas I wouldn't think to work on if I was working by myself, so it has really helped to develop me that much more. 

Outperforme hits on a lot of different areas with speed/agility/quickness training at the track, strength, Joga, ice.  I like all of them, but I think my favourite part about the whole thing is that they really work on body functionality, and making you a better hockey player rather than just boosting your numbers up on things in the gym.  It's really helped to keep me healthy in the season.

 I couldn't pinpoint one thing that I love most about Outperforme Athletics, but I think the Outperforme family has got to be one of my favourite parts.   Just coming in and knowing so many people, it's like having a second team in the summer.  It makes you always excited to go to the gym. 

-Tanner Kaspick

St. Louis Blues Draft Pick, currently with AHL's Utica Comets;  Former Captain WHL's Brandon Wheat Kings, 

I've always believed that my success as an athlete was a reflection of my own work ethic and the support team I surrounded myself with. The Outperforme Athletics Family was an integral part of my team- not only because of the innovative and knowledgeable training I was provided with, but also because of the genuine caring, supportive and motivating atmosphere that surrounds each athlete they work with. I can honestly say that I carried a piece of my OPA family with me in my heart as I lived out my Olympic dream and I am forever grateful for all that they did to get me to that moment 

- Paige Lawrence

Olympian (Sochi 2014 Pairs Figure Skating)

After the rink, my kids both see your gym as their second home and are always eager to get in there to work hard. Great environment you have in your facility and they have both made great gains with you guys in their personal fitness levels and have seen success in their sports as a result! 

-Marcy McCallum

I haven't seen anything but positives .  The coaches are always there to push you for that one extra rep, and they're always a positive influence.  Everyone is happy to be here pushing themselves, and everyone wants to see everyone else get better.  I hope that I benefit the younger guys like Whitey and Calvert have done for me.  it's just one big family and the process just keeps getting passed down.   This summer I came in with a back injury, and mine and Bobbi's goal was to overcome that.  If Bobbi knows that you have an injury, she will definitely make time for you and you'll always be her number 1 priority.  It's always nice to have that in your back pocket - I find that a huge benefit to training at Outperforme. 

-Joel Edmundson

Montreal Canadiens // St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Champion 2019

One of my early goals was to make Team MB golf, and this winter I worked hard on keeping my strength up and working with my golf coach (Dave Scinocca) and I was able to make the team.  Also, because I focussed on keeping my strength up, this summer I did not have an injury, despite how tight my schedule was.   I like the individual training because you have more one-one-one time, and the coaches can find the little things that you need to work on.  

Bobbi Uhl - Team MB Golf

The biggest thing about Outperforme is their background knowledge in really every sport possible.   I like working with an individual coach who really understands everything about my sport.  They will take the sport that you are involved in, and specifically apply that knowledge, as well as following periodization.  In triathlon, periodization is top priority based on whether it's race season or base building season - things definitely change in the training program.  One of the biggest gains has been to run for an entire season without being injured.  That has been honestly the biggest thing possible, and something I could not have done on my own.  I have worked with Joga and as an endurance athlete, well - for any athlete, core is number one.  Joga is not only working on core but also on flexibility and combining the two, so that's been really good.  

The Outperforme Family is a weird connection between different sports.  I spend most of my time with triathletes, with runners, cyclists, swimmers and people in that small group.  But being able to see how hockey players, how golfers, how different athletes are training differently but also with some similarity, and getting their feedback on how the training is effecting their game as well is really cool.  It's a tight group.  Here, I can do whatever I want, or need to for training.  I can use a stretch band for 20min and people don't look at you weird because they understand that it's what you need to do to get to the top level of your sport, and you're working on certain injuries or certain weaknesses.   That's one of my favourite things.   And, the hours are awesome, I can come whenever I want (24/7 facility).  

Tyler Wirch - Triathlon

Before training at Outperforme, I just wasn't getting the results that I needed to.   I was coming back (to camp) getting negative results and getting hurt during the season and I decided that I needed to up my game a little bit.  I started at the track through a few guys who got me there, and then Bobbi approached me to get in the gym with her a little more and improve myself as a player and as an athlete.  I could see the results right away and it started to show on the ice.  My NHL team was seeing the results that I was having and that is actually what has allowed me to come home to train in the summers.  I want to get better, and I'm in a good environment where I can get better every summer.   As my results have gotten better every year, I've been improving as a player.  A big thing for me is coming home and getting healthy in the off season.  You're often banged up at the end of the season and having people who are educated about the body is important.  

You can't get better if you're not healthy.  Sometimes when you stay in the city (with your NHL team), you train in one big group,  I like coming home and getting the personalized attention because you're not wasting time in the gym.  It's the days when things maybe aren't going well, or the days that you're tired, you have a coach who understands your situation, understands the body and understands how you can get through that.   They have the knowledge of the body to teach you and actually show you how to do things right.  I was always a hard worker, but working hard vs working smart - there's a big difference.  

The track is when I really started to enjoy myself at Outperforme.  You can really hone in on the skills that you've been working on in the gym.   When you put your time in at the gym and get stronger,  that's when you really start to notice gains - it really comes out at the track. .   You start to realize how much faster you're getting as the summer goes on and it's a big confidence booster.   When you feel that speed coming, it really translates onto the ice.  You can do as much as you want in the gym, but if you're not honing those skills like we do in our speed/agility/quickness sessions, you're missing a step.  

When you come to the gym, it's fun, people care about each other and it's somewhere that you can be yourself and just worry about getting better.  We are all pushing each other and we all hope the best for each other even when we are competing.  I haven't always been the best athlete, the best person in the gym, but Outperforme has allowed me to work hard and be myself and not feel less than anyone else.  It's allowed me to have an environment where I can come in and compete, work hard and get better.  I've learned so much about how my body works, what I need to do to get quicker, faster stronger but at the same time Iearn how to take care of yourself.  Taking care of your body prolongs your career - I think it's added years onto my career already.

 Ryan White - NHL player

The staff at Outperforme are uniquely qualified to coach athletes due to their educational backgrounds and specialized training.  The training facility is a friendly and welcoming environment and for me.  I have learned that you need to seek information from people who are qualified and specialists in what they do.  I have made mistakes over the years thinking I could solve my own training issues and injuries on my own.  This simply was not the case and more often than not, I made things worse for myself.  I work with Matt Warren.  I feel stronger, but it has been a somewhat gradual process over the past year.  To have someone else noticing and validating the progression of my fitness is an amazing feeling and very encouraging. 

-Kim Booth;Ultra Endurance Athlete

My trainer is Bobbi Schram at Outperforme Athletics.  She also trains hockey players, soccer players, swimmers and of course curlers! She is excellent at helping you set goals and listening to what you want and have to say. I would recommend her to anyone. And if I know Bobbi, the people that work for her would be excellent as well. 

-Jill Officer - Team Canada Curling 

Being close to 50 years old, my health and overall physical condition has become a high priority for me. Outperforme through a creative, innovative and challenging exercise program has truly put me in the best shape of my life! What are you waiting for?

-John Kelleher - Marathon; Ironman Triathlon

They know which exercises to do in which phases, and when to do those phases.   I like having the support and having someone to help motivate you - especially when you know the next time they see you they are going to want to see gains, and it really pushes you to make sure that you have progress to show them.  My goal this summer was to be able to do a chin up, and by July I was doing 4.  It motivated me to keep training to see what else I could improve a lot on.   One of my biggest sport goals was to be part of Hockey Canada and I was invited to their strength and conditioning camp this year.  I don't think that I could have gotten there if I wasn't training with Outperforme because that has helped my strength and my game so much in the past couple of years.

-Jaedon Cook UBC Thunderbirds; Westman Wildcats

When my son informed me that he wanted to try to secure a spot on the AAA hockey team in the upcoming fall, I made the suggestion to go to camp prepared.  Seeing his goal, he went to Jonathan Filewich for training.  I am certain that his success of making the team was directly related to "Filly's" training program.  Not only is he a trainer and wants all to see their goals reached but he is also a mentor and big brother to those kids. Filly tailors a program to suit the person’s needs and see them get the most out of their training.

-David Kirkup – Father of Cole Kirkup (Souris)