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Meet Our Athlete – Kim Gradwell

Kim hails from Brandon, Manitoba and is currently a Trail Runner. She is a great person to work. Matt is very excited to see how far she has come in the way she moves, her hard work to build strength, and improving her mobility has made such a difference and has transferred over to her running. She is a testament to what hard work and trusting the process can do. Matt looks forward to continue watching her improve and reach her trail running goals!

Outperforme Athletics (OPA) - How long has training been an important part of your life?  

Kim (K) - This could be a very long answer so I’ll try and summarize in a few words.  I’ve trained pretty much my whole life.  I would consider the starting point to be joining the Brandon Sundowners Track Club in 1972 when I was 12.   I was a young girl who loved to run.  Fast forward 46 years, and I’ve done all kinds of road races, 15 years of triathlons and in 2014 took up trail running.  I started out doing a couple of 20 to 25km events and moved up to 50km events. The young girl inside me who loves to run lives on…no one told her to stop running!

OPA - How long have you been training with Outperforme Athletics?

K - I started training at Outperforme in October, 2017.

OPA - Do you have any specific long-term athletic and training goals?

K - I want to stay strong and healthy as long as possible. I never thought I’d be doing some of the events that I’ve done in the past couple of years.  In 2019, I plan on doing some more trail ultras around the 42 to 50km distances…beyond that I dream of doing a 100miler someday.

OPA - What is your most memorable accomplishment since joining Outperforme?  

K - In 2018, I managed to finish 3 – 50km trail runs in a 6 week period. The 3rd run in that 6 weeks took place in the mountains of Wyoming.  I then pulled off a 4th run in September at marathon distance on a trail – a tough course along Lake Superior in Minnesota. I’m not fast, but I’m steady – like the proverbial tortoise.

OPA - What is your favourite exercise and why?  

K - Lately, I’ve been enjoying doing the agility exercises. I’m noticing a big difference in my ability to navigate technical trails.

OPA - What is your least favourite exercise and why?  

K - Fire hydrant – ouch.

OPA - What is your favourite song to listen to before working out or competition? 

K - Anything by the Black Keys, but if I hear Chariots of Fire played at the start line, I’ll cry.

OPA - How do you describe the concept of the Outperforme Family to someone who hasn’t trained here before?  

K - I tell friends I run with that the staff at Outperforme are uniquely qualified to coach athletes due to their educational backgrounds and specialized training.  The training facility is a friendly and welcoming environment and for me, I love seeing the young athletes there training to become the best they can be in their chosen sports.  

OPA - What is something you have learned since joining the Outperforme Family?

K - You need to seek information from people who are qualified and specialists in what they do.  I have made mistakes over the years thinking I could solve my own training issues and injuries on my own.  This simply was not the case and more often than not, I made things worse for myself.

OPA - What is your most memorable Outperforme Training moment?

K - Matt noticing the progression of my fitness.  I feel stronger, but it has been a somewhat gradual process over the past year.  To have someone else validate the progression is an amazing feeling and very encouraging.

OPA - Do you have a favourite post-training meal or smoothie?

K - Not really – after 5 or 6 hours of running, I’ll eat anything…cold pizza is a favourite though if I have any in the fridge.

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