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Meet Our Athlete - Emma Creasy

My name is Emma Creasy, and I was born July 30, 2002 and have called Brandon, Manitoba home ever since.  I am currently in grade 11 at Neelin.  I used to ride horses competitively but ended riding two years ago.  Now I love to hike and ski, and I enjoy photography.  I hope to see more improvements as I progress with Outperforme.

Outperforme Athletics (OPA) - How long has training been an important part of your life?

Emma (E) - Training has been important to me since I was about 14, when I was very competitive with my horses.

OPA - How long have you been training with Outperforme Athletics?

E - I have been training with Outperforme for about a year now. I saw the progress my brother made with Matt.  I started out once a week.  Now I train twice a week.  With spares at school and acquiring my drivers licence I am hoping to add one or two more times a week next semester.  

OPA – We love having you around the gym, the more often the better!

OPA - Do you have any specific long-term athletic and training goals?

E - My long-term goals are to keep myself fit and active and to be comfortable with myself. I would also like to ski the Alps someday.

OPA – Skiing the Alps sounds like a cool bucket list item!

OPA - What is your most memorable accomplishment since joining Outperforme?

E - My most memorable accomplishment has to be hiking the Grand Canyon.  It was a bucket list trip of a lifetime.

OPA - What is your favourite exercise and why?

E - I love doing medicine ball slams.  I always feel adrenaline rushing through me and it makes me want to slam it harder.

OPA – You’re good at them too!

OPA - What is your least favourite exercise and why?

E - My least favorite is Mountain Climbers.  I know they are helping but they are painful and use a lot of my energy.

OPA - What is your favourite song to listen to before working out or competition? 

E - My favorite songs right now would be Next To Me by Imagine Dragons, Pull The Trigger by Russ, and Welcome To The Party by Diplo, French Montana, and Lil Pump.

OPA - How do you describe the concept of the Outperforme Family to someone who hasn’t trained here before?

E - Just like it sounds, like a family.  Whenever I am working out, I can talk to anyone there if I need any help. I had very high anxiety when I started. Maddie made me feel very special and took the extra time to talk me through what I was dealing with.  She suggested starting my workouts in the basement, so my nervousness wasn’t peaking.  I no longer have any struggles with being there and I can workout with out stress.  The trainers take the time to assess each clients’ needs and adjust to them.  

OPA – We love this, Emma. You have truly come such a long way since you started with us. Not only have you gained confidence in yourself and your abilities, but you have become stronger, faster and developed a great desire to continue improving in the gym.

OPA - What is something you have learned since joining the Outperforme Family?

E - I have learned that it is okay to come and start working out wherever you are in your life.  No one is there to judge you.  Outperforme just wants to see you improve.

OPA – This is great, everyone has to start somewhere. And you’re right, Outperforme is a judgement free zone and there’s nothing we love more than seeing our athletes improve!  

OPA - What is your most memorable Outperforme Training moment?

E - When I dead lifted 100lbs.  It made me realize I can actually do this!!

OPA – Yes, you can do it!!

OPA - Who is your favourite Outperforme Athlete to train with and why?

E - Maddie is my favorite.  She makes me feel like I am her favorite client and like she is really happy to see me each week.  It makes showing up that much easier.

OPA – I am always happy to see you, you brighten my day!

OPA - Do you have a favourite post-training meal or smoothie?

E - My favorite post-training smoothie would be the Pomegranate Smoothie from Booster Juice.

OPA - If you could meet any celebrity alive or dead. Which one would it be and why?

E - I love food channels, so I would love to meet Gordan Ramsey.  I would love to see him in action.

OPA - What is your favourite book and why would you recommend it to others?

E - My favorite book would have to be Love Her Wild by Atticus. It is a book of poetry. I enjoyed it as it helped me to improve my personal life.

OPA - What are you currently reading?

E - I am currently reading 13 Reasons Why.  I think a book or movie that gets your brain thinking is a good thing.

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