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Meet Our Athlete - Landon Broome

My name is Landon Broome, and I was born in Brandon where I also grew up. Growing up I played house league hockey and club volleyball until last year. Right now, I am boxing and hoping to go far in the sport. When I get out of high school I either want to continue with boxing, become a firefighter or a police officer. 

Outperforme Athletics (OPA) - How long has training been an important part of your life?

Landon (L) – Training has an important part of my life ever since I started club volleyball, so around Grade 7.

OPA - How long have you been training with Outperforme Athletics?

L – I started training at Outperforme at around the same time I started club volleyball. I was introduced to the jump training class which I attended once a week.

OPA - Do you have any specific long-term athletic and training goals?

L – For boxing I went want to see how far I go, either international tournaments such as the Olympics as an amateur or go pro. For fitness, I want to be able to increase my running abilities, such as running longer and faster.

OPA – The boxing match in Brandon was one of my favorite OPA Athlete competitions I’ve ever attended. Hopefully you’re doing it for a long time!

OPA - What is your most memorable accomplishment since joining Outperforme?

L – My most memorable accomplishment since joining Outperforme is when I first deadlifted 200 pounds.

OPA - What is your favourite exercise and why?

L – My favourite exercise is the deadlift because I feel that is my strongest lift and one that I enjoy doing and improving.

OPA – Everybody seems to enjoy the things they’re good at!

OPA - What is your least favourite exercise and why?

L – My least favourite exercise is probably toe touches or leg raises. I don’t like them because of my extra-long legs.

OPA - What is your favourite song to listen to before working out or competition? 

L – I prefer silence, usually before a fight or a workout I don’t listen to anything.

OPA - How do you describe the concept of the Outperforme Family to someone who hasn’t trained here before?

L – The Outperforme Family strives to make you reach your goals, nobody judges you and everyone is always ready to help.

OPA – OPA is lucky to have somebody with as much drive and positive attitude that you do!

OPA - What is something you have learned since joining the Outperforme Family?

L – Since joining Outperforme, I have learned how to take care of my body. I learned lots of stretches to prevent injuries and not make me feel sore.

OPA – You’re off to a great start so far.

OPA - What is your most memorable Outperforme Training moment?

L – I’m not sure I remember a specific moment, but to me, every time is a memorable one.

OPA - Who is your favourite Outperforme Athlete to train with and why?

L – My favourite Outperforme Athletics to train with is Paul because he always pushes me to my limits while making it enjoyable.

OPA – Good answer!

OPA - Do you have a favourite post-training meal or smoothie?

L – I don’t eat anything really specific after training but usually it is some sort of chicken.

Posted 67 weeks ago