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Meet Our Recommended Massage Therapist - Geoff Dumas

As a way of giving our athletes the best in strength & conditioning when it comes to reaching their goals, we would like to introduce our recommended massage therapist, Geoff Dumas. Geoff is currently a member of Outperforme Athletics, with a background in lifting, and is currently working with our friends at Dynamic Physiotherapy. We believe that he is the perfect person for our athletes to see in the off-season!

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Without further ado, Meet Geoff:

Like many athletes, Geoff has tried all sorts of different sports. At fifteen years old, he participated in an eco-challenge which required him to backpack approximately 40 km in the Yukon Territory with an 80-pound backpack in one day. There were different tasks and challenges on this eco-challenge, two of which were repelling and building a rope bridge. Some of the conventional sports that Geoff participated in were Japanese martial arts, where he competed at a national level, Olympic style wrestling, again reaching a national level but not competing in, fencing, which he dabbled in (his younger brother was much better than him), and summer biathlon - which was running and target shooting. Other sports that he tried his hand at include volleyball, rugby and Olympic weightlifting.

During the years playing sports, Geoff was fortunate enough to have never sustained any catastrophic injuries. Just some funny stories and minor injuries. However, it wasn’t until his military career, six years, that he honed his ability to recover from surgeries. While on the mend, Geoff utilized massage therapy to enhance his recovery. In fact, he used it so much that he eventually started to form an opinion on the modality. From there he began some self-study on the subject at the end of fifteen-hour work days as a personal trainer (six years). It wasn’t long until he formalized his knowledge at Robertson College, achieving academic distinction in a two-year program.

Geoff has seen firsthand the benefits of massage during his own recovery, and subsequently as a weekend warrior athlete. It was from his personal experience that he gained a respect for massage therapy and wanted to in turn share this asset with others. His training experience gives him an uncommonly wide knowledge base when working in athletic populations. His history with injury gives him a level of empathy that isn’t standard in the rehabilitation setting. His time in the military gives him dedication and focus like athletes that take their sport seriously.

Posted 58 weeks ago