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Meet Our Athlete – Lynden McCallum

Lynden lived in Portage until the age of 13, and then his family moved to Brandon. As soon as they set up shop in Brandon, he began training with the Outperforme team. His birthday is January 26th, 2000. He is currently playing hockey with the Brandon Wheat Kings and attending Brandon University part time. He is on the pursuit of being the best hockey player he can be.

Outperforme Athletics (OPA) - How long have you been a part of Outperforme?

Lynden (L) - This past year marked my 6th full summer of training at Outperforme. I would have to say choosing Outperforme has been one of the best decisions of my life.

OPA - You’ve had a unique summer this year - recovering from a significant injury while also trying to prepare for the upcoming season with the Wheat Kings. Can you tell us a little bit about your summer and how Outperforme helped you accomplish your goals while you were actively rehabbing?

L - On April 1st, I had surgery to stabilize my right shoulder. On May 1st I started physiotherapy with Bobbi Schram and also started doing unique leg and cardiovascular workouts that were very beneficial, but also cooperated with all restrictions I had with my shoulder. Bobbi used her great amount of knowledge and experience to design my workouts, and Paul was right by my side in the gym overseeing my form and progress. As the summer and my shoulder rehabilitation progressed, it allowed me to start getting back to a more and more typical summer at Outperforme. By July, I was back to skating, SAQ, and upper and lower body splits. Though my circumstances were unideal to begin with, Outperforme helped me make significant gains in my strength, power and stability in my lower body, and regain my upper body strength and power, while improving my stability to better than it was before my injury.

OPA – You’ve set an excellent example for other athletes going through injuries, showing how hard work can pay off despite limitations!

OPA - How did Outperforme coordinate with your medical team to help you achieve your goals?

L - Due to Bobbi Schram’s significant involvement with both Outperforme and Dynamic Physiotherapy, the communication of my status and the actions that needed to be taken as a result, was flawless. Bobbi was right there every step of the way on the physio and rehab side, and did a great job of communicating my progress to my surgeon Dr. MacDonald. Because Bobbi knew exactly what was happening, she could overlook my training side of things as well, and did a great job communicating with not only my strength coach, Paul, but also the SAQ coaches, Matt and Maddie.

OPA - What are you most proud of from this past off season?

L - I am most proud of the fact that I was able to improve more this past summer, than in any previous one, while dealing with a large rehab schedule at the same time.

OPA - Favourite OPA memory?

L - Winning the 1st annual Butters Cup

OPA – Arguably a bigger accomplishment than the rehab! Also tied for the gym record for total Butters Cup wins. Although likely too humble to admit it, Lynden has had more accomplishments in his life and hockey career so far than most.

OPA - Favourite exercise and why?

L - Bulgarian Split Squat – I feel it is a great way to build lower body strength and stability that transfers directly into hockey.

OPA - Least favourite exercise and why?

L - Don’t really have a least favourite.

OPA - Nutrition is a key part of training - what is your favourite pre and post work out snack?

L - Pre: avocado smoothie

Post: protein shake with a peanut butter sandwich

OPA - Who has mentored you, and who have you mentored at OPA?  OR…. If you had advice for younger athletes about strength and conditioning, what would it be?

L - My advice would be to listen to what the staff at Outperforme tells you. The whole operation is second to none and if you follow your programming and work hard, the results will follow.

OPA - Do you work out all year long?  How is training at OPA different during the in season compared to the off season?  

L - In the season we workout at the rink as a team. Outperforme is great with checking up throughout the season, to monitor how you are feeling and see if they are able to help in any way. Before I played with the Wheat Kings, I took advantage of Outperforme’s in season programming and it was very beneficial in keeping me healthy and strong.

OPA – Make sure to catch Lynden and the Wheat Kings Friday, September 20th at the home opener! Thanks Lynden.

Posted 36 weeks ago