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Meet Our Athlete – Ava Plamondon

Ava was born and raised in Brandon, Manitoba. She’s in grade 9 at Vincent Massey High School. She made the JV Volleyball team this year as a grade nine and she says she got lucky to be the setter for the team! Ava has been playing volleyball for 5 years now. She is currently playing on the Cats club team. Along with sports, school is a huge priority to her as she is always trying to keep her grades up. After high school she plans to go to university and hope to continue with playing volleyball for as long as she can!

Outperforme Athletics (OPA) - How long has training been an important part of your life?

Ava - I started training a while ago, but as of about 2 years ago I started to go a lot more frequently have been putting in time and effort since.

Matt – The consistency is showing great results!

OPA - How long have you been training with Outperforme Athletics?

Ava - I have been training with Outperforme for about 5 years! Shout out to Victor who I started with!

OPA - Do you have any specific long-term athletic and training goals?

Ava - In the future I hope to hit my top potential in training and volleyball. No matter what level that is, I want to keep training so I can be the best I can be.

OPA - What is your most memorable accomplishment since joining Outperforme?

Ava - I think for me it would be being on the court with my cats club teammates on the championship point to win Nationals back in May.

OPA - What is your favourite exercise and why?

Ava - Matt introduced an ab workout called ‘same side deadbugs’ and I really enjoy doing those actually! Core is a huge thing to succeed on the volleyball court.

OPA - What is your least favourite exercise and why?

Ava - My least favorite would have to be pushups or pull-ups. To be completely honest, I’m not sure why. I just really don’t enjoy those two workouts although I know they help me get stronger!

OPA - What is your favourite song to listen to before working out or competition?

Ava - My favorite song to listen to would have to be ‘All I Do is Win- By DJ Khaled’ I started listening to it before hockey games a few years ago and continued last volleyball season and it seemed to bring a bit of luck to us!

OPA - How do you describe the concept of the Outperforme Family to someone who hasn’t trained here before?

Ava - The Outperforme family is a really big reason why I love the gym so much. Every single person who works there is so nice and very involved in the lives of the people they train with. They make people feel welcomed into the gym rather than intimidated to workout there.

OPA - What is something you have learned since joining the Outperforme Family?

Ava - I have learnt that in order to be your best you have to put in time to have it pay off. Ever since I started training regularly I have seen a difference in my game of volleyball so it has really taught me to work hard and I will be rewarded!

Matt- Ava has done a great job being consistent with her training.

OPA - What is your most memorable Outperforme Training moment?

Ava - Probably the fact that coming to outperforme and training has gotten me a lot stronger. One thing that stands out a lot for me is the time when I could barely do 5 push-ups, so the first time I surpassed 10 it was a huge accomplishment for me.

Matt- This was a great moment! It attests the hard work Ava has been putting in.

OPA - Who is your favourite Outperforme Athlete to train with and why?

Ava - I would have to say really any of my volleyball teammates. We are all training to be better on the court so we can continue to be a great competitor to teams around Manitoba and Canada. I love training with them to push myself to work my hardest!

OPA - Do you have a favourite post-training meal or smoothie?

Ava - After I work out, I like really any type of smoothie. I don’t always have the same one but any kind of smoothie after a workout is my favorite!

OPA - What if your favourite movie and why?

Ava - My favourite movie would have to be anything Star Wars or Marvel. Really any Disney movies are movies that I love!

Matt – It has been great getting to work with Ava and I am excited to see where her hard work is going to take her!

Posted 16 weeks ago