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Outperforme Athletics - Meet Our Athlete - Ekam Dhaliwal

I was born on January 16, 2005 in Victoria, British Columbia. I moved to Brandon with my family in 2012 where I started playing hockey and developed a passion for the game. Hockey is the only sport I play right now but I also played soccer in my younger years. I have been at Delta Hockey academy these past 2 years most recently playing with the Bantam Prep Green team. My next future ambition is to play junior A hockey.

Outperforme Athletics (OPA) - You are one of the first to switch the online programming template, how has the adjustment been?

Ekam - The adjustment has been fine the workouts are still really good and you can get a good sweat going from home.

OPA – Good to see your face after a full season! Ekam was the test case for online programming, made it easy on us.

OPA - For those who are thinking of switching to the online programming, what’s the best part and the reason others should consider it as well?

Ekam - The best part of the online program is you don’t actually need a gym or a lot of equipment as there are a lot of very good body weight exercises you can do. Paul will FaceTime you and walk you through the program he sets up for you. If the government shuts the gyms down because of the covid-19 it’s not going to help you to just sit at home. With the online program you can keep working out and staying on top of your goals.

OPA - How long has training been an important part of your life?

Ekam - I have been hockey training for about 7 years. But I started in the gym around second year atom or first year pee wee, so about 4 or 5 years ago.

OPA - How long have you been training with Outperforme Athletics?

Ekam - I have been training with outperform since I started training in the gym so about 4-5 years.

OPA – One of my first clients, Ekam has been there just as long as I have been.

OPA - Do you have any specific long-term athletic and training goals?

Ekam - My long-term goal is to train hard every day and play hockey at the highest level.

OPA - What is your most memorable accomplishment since joining Outperforme?

Ekam - Playing with Delta Hockey Academy Green team and Winning the WHL Cup in Seattle this past season.

OPA – My favorite memories are making and winning bets with you.

OPA - What is your favourite exercise and why?

Ekam - Favourite exercise would be the trap bar deadlift because I like to see how much I can lift and if I can lift more than last time.

OPA - What is your least favourite exercise and why?

Ekam - I Don’t really have a least favourite.

OPA – There aren’t too many that you aren’t very good at either.

OPA - What is your favourite song to listen to before working out or competition?

Ekam - Goosebumps by Travis Scott.

OPA - How do you describe the concept of the Outperforme Family to someone who hasn’t trained here before?

Ekam - It is a fun place to work out and you get to know a lot of athletes there including the trainers. It is a great place to work out for someone that is committed to a goal as they help you achieve it.

OPA – Ekam is the epitome of what it means to be a member of the OPA family. Your hard work and unmatched dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed over the years and we appreciate it!

OPA - What is something you have learned since joining the Outperforme Family?

Ekam - At Outperforme I learned that you are not going to reach your goal in one day it is an everyday commitment.

OPA - What is your most memorable Outperforme Training moment?

Ekam - About three years ago I was working out with Paul and I was doing trap bar deadlifts and I got excited that I lifted the most weight I had ever done before. I was so excited that I tripped on something and got a cut on my rib and now I have a scar there.

OPA - ^^^ Only scar in OPA history not on a shin bone!

OPA - Who is your favourite Outperforme Athlete to train with and why?

Ekam - I usually train on my own but I have had some opportunity to train with my past teammates from Brandon: Clarke Caswell and Keenan Skrupa. They are both really good friends of mine; we are competitive and usually get some good hockey conversations going when we are together.

OPA - Do you have a favourite post-training meal or smoothie?

Ekam - Post workout I like to have a smoothie and my favourite is ripped berry at Booster Juice.

Posted 9 weeks ago