What is Joga?

Joga is a form of yoga designed specifically for the needs of athletes and active individuals.  Joga was designed by Jana Webb, a certified yoga instructor who consistently noted common difficulties that athletic bodies encountered with traditional yoga.   Muscle bulk, muscle and joint mobility issues as well as a tendency to compete and achieve an end goal (ie a difficult yoga position) all created unique challenges for the athletic body.  Jana began to design a new approach that specifically met the needs of active individuals, and also minimized the risk of injury while practicing yoga - she named it Joga.   Joga uniquely targets flexibility in biomechanically sound joint positions, addresses breathing, balance, motor control of key stabilizer muscles in both the core and extremity joints, transfer of kinetic energy as used in athletic movements, and even addresses mental focus.  Joga is designed to utilize and optimize efficiency in positions most commonly seen in functional movement patterns, thus increasing muscular control and mobility into these positions, and also reducing injury rates.   If you are active, enjoy a challenge and want to improve your mobility, stability and balance - Joga is for you!  

Joga Classes at Outperforme

During the fall/winter, we have a Joga class Monday evenings at 6pm at our Brandon Outperforme location (345 10th St).  Additional Joga classes may be scheduled based on demand. Drop in rates as well as monthly packages are available for purchase. Outperforme also leads several other Joga classes for specific teams.  If you have a team or group that is interested in private Joga classes, please contact admin@outperforme.com.  We would be happy to host you or to come to your location of choice to run a class. 

 Don't have your own mat?   Purchase a Jade Yoga mat from Outperforme.    There isn't a better mat on the market.  Period.