Basic Nutrition and Supplement Information

It is impossible to see good training results without providing proper nutrients for your body to use!  We cannot emphasize to you enough the importance of your nutrition, and getting your dietary information from a reputable source.  Take the Outperforme Nutrition Challenge - keep a diet log for one week and then bring it in for your coach to review.   Learn about the food that you are eating and how it effects you.   People respond differently to the foods that they eat, which is why it is important for you to learn ideal nutrient timing (when to eat before/after exercise), your response to various foods and how to manipulate your diet to best suit its needs.  There is not one diet plan that will work for everyone.

 Unfortunately, a lot of the information that is in the fitness industry is not based on scientific knowledge, and is very often given by people in unregulated professions (meaning that there are no consequences to the person offering advise if they give false or misleading information).  At Outperforme, we take a different approach.  We believe in being honest with our clients, presenting scientifically sound advise, encouraging proper nutrition before supplementation, and referring our clients to experts when needed.  We act in the best interest of our clients, which means that we will always do what is best for you!  If you choose to use supplements, we recommend looking for products with NSF and /or Informed Choice certification, meaning they are high quality products that are free of banned substances in sport.   If you have questions about products, we are here to help you.  

Outperforme Affiliated Dietician

If you need help with your diet, please talk to your strength coach.  If your questions are within our scope of knowledge, we will happily assist you.  However, since it is our mandate to always act in your best interest, we have aligned ourselves with a  licensed Registered Dietitian, Tenille Sonnichsen,  who has special interest in sport performance and has experience working with athletes from developing athletes through to our province's most elite.  Tenille is a member of the MB Sport Network, and is affiliated with the Reh-Fit Centre, Special Olympics MB and with Legacy Sports Medicine Clinic.   Tenille can help you with your personal goals whether you want to gain weight, lose weight, have more energy or perhaps need information that is related to diet and medical conditions.  Tenille will also have knowledge about appropriate supplements and banned substances in sport.

Tenille's services are covered by most major health insurance plans.