Outperforme Training Options

  • Individualized Strength & Conditioning Programs for people of all levels.
    • beginner through to high performance
    • complex clients (our coaches have access to mentorship from a licensed physiotherapist who just so happens to be the founder of Outperforme!
  • Parter Strength & Conditioning Programs
  • Group Strength & Conditioning Options 
    • Small Groups
    • Teams
  • Joga (athletic yoga)
  • Women's & Men'sFitness Classes
  • Virtual Training Options
  • High Performance Athlete Strength & Conditioning
    • All sports
    • Service Providers for the Canadian Sport Centre
    • Experience with professional and olympic level athletes
  • Youth Strength & Conditioning
    • Experience with proper program design and implementation related to stages of growth / development
  • Hockey Specific Programming (including on ice programs)
  • Speed/Agility/Quickness Programming
  • Volleyball Jump Training
  • Endurance Athlete Strength & Injury Prevention
  • Custom designed programming for any group

Hockey Specific Programming

Westman has a very strong hockey culture, and Outperforme is proud to play a key role in local hockey player development.  We have highly knowledgable strength and conditioning coaches who work tirelessly to bring their athletes the best possible programming.  We have a global approach to our programming and are able to offer our players injury prevention/prehab; strength training; speed/agiltiy/quickness training as well as on ice programming.   Stay tuned for more details for the upcoming season!

Gym Memberships

We offer a 24/7 access facility and a training atmosphere where our clients truly feel like they are part of the family!  Our facility is unique and comes with the traditional equipment, but we also have a medicine ball throwing wall,  specialty low impact flooring, showers, AND open space where athletes can work on their agility and in some cases even work on some aspects of sport skill development.   We have created a facility where athletes can excel in every aspect of their training, and where people who share a common passion to be functionally fit can encourage one another to be their best!