Sport Performance Training

  • Outperforme has been training local athletes since 2002, and the results speak for themselves!  We have helped young athletes make the cut onto a competitive team or achieve a personal best.  We have also supported some of our athletes when they dreamed the biggest dreams imaginable and succeeded on the international Olympic stage and in the highest levels of professional sport possible.  When you become part of the Outperforme family, your dreams become our dreams! 
  • Every athlete's program is designed based on the findings from their individual assessment in addition to the sport played and the position within that sport.  We address all components including movement preparation and cool down, strength training, conditioning, agility and mobility work.
  • Outperforme designs programs for athletes of all ages, and at all levels.  
  • Outperforme's programming is periodized - we design a yearly plan for our athletes, understanding that the needs of in-season training differ from those in the off-season.  We also understand the training needs of multi-sport athletes and how to design training around the complexities of their schedules.
  • Outperforme coaches are continually reading and furthering their education to bring you cutting edge strength and conditioning services right in the heart of the prairies!

Health & Fitness Training

  • Outperforme believes in functional training - in other words, we want to design programs that keep you healthy, moving well, and able to participate in whatever opportunities life offers!  
  • We love hearing stories from our clients about being able to do things they couldn't previously do, or reports that nagging injuries have resolved since starting on a more functional training program.  
  • We believe that life is meant to be enjoyed - we can help you stay strong, mobile and agile so that you can do more than keep up with life!

Group Training Options